I’m a hiker for fun, a fundraiser for a crust, and a comedy tragic forever!

When I’m not complaining about inequality in the world or poorly elasticised socks, I do try to be an optimist and celebrate the simple joys in life, like finding a dress with pockets or seeing a baby sneeze.

I’m inspired by anyone who overcomes challenges in their life to do good and spread joy to others.

I love social enterprises but hate that I didn’t think of their ideas first.

I dream of a world free of plastic and full of hope.

As someone who has experienced anxiety and depression, I write about the things that help keep me well. I’ve found these things generally fall into one of three categories – nature, laughter and giving. Dogs could nearly be another whole category on their own.

I also write about lots of fun things to do in my home town of Melbourne here.

Thanks for checking it out!


P.S. Yes that’s all very well and good, I hear you say, but what IS the confetti effect?